Thursday, November 9, 2017

Calendar time!/from Connie

I am needing high definition German Shepherd Pictures for this year’s calendar. If you have good ones send them to me as I am late doing the calendar this year. I don’t care if they are professional pictures or made by you with your high definition camera as long as they are high definition. The rescue is short on funds so I would appreciate any donations but not a necessity if you don’t have the cash. I should have gotten this notice out before now but old age is slowing me down. LOL

Posting pictures of a few of the dogs from this year. Also if anyone is looking for a 3 yr old girl that may not be good with other dogs we have Stella that is coming back due to not getting along with the other female dog in the home. She was fine with Tod’s female but there is an issue after being with the other dog for a year and a half. She might be ok with a male.

The rescue is going to start offering training for a donation to the rescue if anyone is interested. Of course the only problem is that I am the trainer and I live up here in the mountains near Buena Vista and Fairplay so it would be necessary to come here for training. We will be doing marker type training so it is all incentive no compulsion training.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and if you don’t hear from me before then a very Merry Christmas.