Saturday, April 15, 2017


The photo below was taken of Chaddo, Connie Williams' faithful friend and companion, on his 7th birthday.

from Connie Williams:

"Wanted to let everyone know that I lost my Chaddo about 5:30 April 14. He got really bad coughing and throwing up Thursday night. Friday morning was very weak. He was in heart failure with cardiac tamponade. In addition to all of his other problems he had a heart Valve issue since he was 5 months old (tricuspid dysplasia). Chaddo was 11 yrs 5 months and 10 days old. We had 5 yrs and 1 week of borrowed time for which I will always be forever greatful."

Written by one of Connie's friends:

"My buddy that I have been dog sitting for the last few years got his angel wings [last] night.Please think of my friend as she tries to move forward from the loss of her very dear pooch. He always had something to say (see photo) and used me as his eye booger wiping pad every time I saw him. I will miss him so very much! As will Far (my current foster Asti's brother) who is in all of these pics with him."