Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In memory of Rifky/Connie

I received a sad message this morning about our boy Rifky. He was a one of a kind. I will never forget stopping by the Adams county shelter and telling my husband to wait while I checked the shelter for German Shepherds. Well there was Rifky, sad and alone. I told them I was going to take him and I will never forget walking out of that shelter with him so quietly on a lead. Rifky had a few anxiety issues if you tried to put him in a pen but he would sit happily on my back porch for hours. I placed him with Kevin, a trucker, so he would always have a companion and they had 7 wonderful years together. 

Here is the Facebook message I received from Deborah, Kevin's mother:

"Hi Connie. Sweet, precious Rifky that Kevin adopted from you 7 years ago crossed the bridge this morning. He had cancer that was being treated aggressively, but that awful disease took him. He was such a sweet, gentle soul and he and Kevin had 7 wonderful, fun, loving years together. Kevin is just devastated. He and Rifky had such a fiercely strong bond. Wanted to let you know. Our hearts are broken. It's really hitting me hard and I have been crying all day. He was Kevin's dog, but a member of our entire family and we all loved him so very much. We knew he would pass last, and Kevin slept with him and held him in his arms all night. Rifky died in his dad's arms. That's how much those two loved each other."