Saturday, April 16, 2016

Donations needed for new website

We are in need of donations to cover the cost of a new website as ours is outdated and barely functional. You can’t share it, it is not mobile friendly and we can no longer update it because our webmistress has quit doing websites due to her health and has retired. We need a website that I can update myself as needed, so we won’t have to depend on anyone else. It will need to have several forms, a Paypal button, and Petfinder insert, so we will need it to be professionally done.  I talked to Godaddy who is hosting our present site and they said the cost to do this would be $1300.00 and then $180.00 a year to host it which is a cost that we already incur every year so that part isn’t any extra. That is cheaper than any of the other website builders I have talked to and it will be easy for me to keep up with, if everything to do with our website is with the same company.