Saturday, July 4, 2015

Many thanks

Two donations have been received recently.   Terri Stringer made a donation in memory of Chaddo’s brother Ryder. Also  a donation was made in memory of Kat McDonald by Lark McDonald of Mission-Centered Solutions. Kofi was adopted by the McDonald's from our rescue. Thank you so much for considering to our organization.

Happy 4th from Connie

Just a quick update on the happenings here at the rescue.

We have taken a total of 56 dogs from the breeder surrender with some help from Front Range rescue.  The breeder still has 14 dogs she is keeping of which we have paid for spay neuter for 4 already and will be doing the rest this month so that will be either 9 or 10 . My count may be off by one as I was thinking there were 9 more to do. It is possible she may release some more of the dogs but we will have to wait and see.

On June 12th I had surgery on my neck so I am still a bit under the weather and have to be very careful what I do. Due to that and fosters being on vacation we are at a slow pace on rescue until after July 14th when Tod will be back and can foster and hopefully I will be some better. I hope it dries out by then as we are just about to drown up here. Thundering and the wind getting up as I type this.

Looks like Sammie the cat has a new home with Dana, our favorite transporter, so that makes me very happy that he is getting such a wonderful home.

Hope everyone is having a great fourth of July and that you aren’t getting too wet.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Look at these two beautiful black and red 14 week old little boy puppies. They came from the breeder surrender that we have been working on for some time. I thought I had placement for one of them but I guess they changed their mind. How could anyone not love one of these sweethearts ? J  



Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In Memory of August

 A  $100.00 donation was made by Leanne Battle in memory of August, a much loved member of the Rice family. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

from Connie Williams




I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and stayed warm though the cold weather we had. Hard to believe it is now 2015. I remember sitting in front of the television with my step brother in 1957 trying to count up how old we would be in the year 2000.  Funny how you remember certain times in life and then realize how the years have flown byJ.

I am still at it but slowing down a bit. I spent most of this year going back and forth to  doctors trying to get some of my health problems resolved, but I guess what I learned is that when you get to older, they don’t really get resolved; you just get enough medication to live with themJ. I did finally get a diagnosis so now we at least know what kind of medicines to give me. Apparently I have what is called central cervical stenosis (where the bone is closing in on the spinal cord in my neck). Funny that is exactly the same problem my dog Chaddo has. I also have idiopathic peripheral neuropathy (that basically means a problem with the nerves where I hurt all over and they don’t know why <LOL>), Cubital and carpal tunnel, and course my breathing problems which require me to be on oxygen. ( I only wear it when absolutely necessary in the daytime as I hate it when it hangs up on the dog pens when I go in and out.)

We have been taking a lot of dogs from a breeder out in eastern Colorado that got way in over her head. She has some really nice dogs but she had 60 dogs on the premises.  I enlisted help from Front Range and so far we have removed 34 dogs but still have more to go. We have several pups coming this Friday (that is tomorrow) and I have a place for 4 but still need a place for 3-4 Five month old pups. I have included pictures of a couple of the pups and adults that we are getting from this lady.
If you can help give me a call or email me at gsdrcolorado at Don’t reply to this blog as that will go to our newsletter person and not to me.  I really need fosters so that we can continue to help more dogs. I am still rescuing and will until I am sitting in a nursing home with one phone in my pocket and one in my ear trying to find a foster for a needy dog. Once all the dogs that she is willing to give up are removed we have offered to spay and neuter the dogs that she plans to keep so we are also in need of funds to get that done. This will save many more dogs and prevent this from happening again. If anyone has room in their house and in their heart we need you.

I am still looking for a great home for a great 7 yr. old kitty. His name is Sammie and he is a super cat. He has all his shots and is tested negative for feline leukemia. He is a house cat but sometimes goes outside with us and he stays in the fenced in yard. He is reliable to always use his litter box and has always been good with my dog Chaddo and other dogs as long as they don't chase him. He was our rescue tester kitty and was great until my husband, unknowing that Sammie was in the yard, let a bad boy that wasn't good with cats in the yard and he chased Sammie up a tree. Since then Sammie prefers not to test new dogsJ. I have more than I can handle right now with Chaddo being incontinent and having diarrhea for hours at night with my own health situation. So I think I would be better if I could find a great home for Sammie and put that time to taking care of our rescue dogs. Some would say a cat doesn't require much care but for me to have a cat it requires quite a bit of time each day and with my health as it is I am basically counting steps and conserving as many as I can. I have been using mostly fosters this winter for the rescues as winter is hardest for me. Hopefully this summer I will be able to do more but if not I will continue to use fosters as German Shepherd Rescue is my mission in life and I will continue to rescue as long as I am able at all. The cat pictures are of Sammie of course.

Chaddo is going back to CSU for an ultra sound on his colon to see if we can find out what is going on and hoping that we can fix it. If not I guess we will continue as we are as I cannot bear to lose him. When he starts having diarrhea I just limit him to where he isn’t on the carpet and spend several hours cleaning up each time it happens.

Ok so now you know why I have been so long in writing for the newsletter <LOL>.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. And hope to hear from you periodically.

With Love ,
Connie Williams

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas from Connie Williams

The German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado 2015 Calendar is ready for sale and the contest winners are as shown in the photo starting with the cover then in order from January to December (click on the photo to enlarge). If you want to order a calendar send $20.00 to our paypal address at and note that it is for a calendar. 

This is a fundraiser for our rescue and all moneys go to help rescued German Shepherd Dogs. Thank you to all that entered the contest. 

We had a shortage of photos this year and had to fill in with some of our own so get your cameras out so you will have some to send me next year for the calendar.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Connie says, "Every time I get one of these I just get sick at heart. Every one of our dogs has a special story and a special place in my heart. RIP sweet Dutchie we will always love you.

Dutch came to us from his previous owner in Salina Ks in 2007. They loved him dearly but did not have a fenced yard and Dutch was often out of the yard. After a couple of run ins with animal control there, his family reluctantly decided to send Dutch to rescue in Colorado.

When he arrived we realized what a beautiful, special boy he was so of course he deserved a special home.  It was Dutch’s lucky day that when Phil came with his friend Wayne to look at another one of our dogs that Phil and Vicki just happened to be looking for a dog themselves. Phil fell instantly in love and took Dutch home to meet Vicki where he became a special and very much loved member of their family.

Below is the letter from Vicki informing me of the loss of their special boy":

Dear Connie:  It is with overwhelming grief that we tell you that our precious beloved Dutchie passed away on July 4th.  He was having a wonderful time on a horseback ride with Phil on our property in the early morning when it was still cool.  He was so happy, crossing our water canal (he loved water), chasing wild turkeys, and on the scent of a coyote.  And, he was with Phil, which was the most important thing to him.  (From the moment Phil came to your place and brought him home, they had a special bond.) Phil stopped all along the way to rest and Dutchie was ready to go.  When they got to the back of our place, he turned around and Dutchie was not right behind him.  He was just a little ways behind him and was already gone.  Phil tried CPR, but he had already passed.  He must have had a massive heart attack as he was gone instantly.  We cannot begin to tell you the how devastated we are.  We could not have loved him any more and he loved us too.  We can only find some comfort in knowing that he was doing what made him the happiest and we don't believe that he suffered any.  We miss him terribly and grieve for him daily.  He was our constant companion.  He was never left with anyone and always was with us.  We planned our trips around whether it was cool enough for Dutchie.  We bought him cool pads, a cool vest.  Anything we could do to make him a happy camper.  He even slept on a twin bed.  He was just such a treasure to us; bringing joy to our lives daily.  It was always the three of us.  He was so loyal, protective, smart.  He was not everyone's dog, but our dog.  He loved us.  I could go on and on.  You could set your watch by him.  He ate at 6 AM and 5 PM and had his cookie at 7 PM.  If he was out with Phil when it was time for supper, he would come back to the house, eat, and then go back to Phil.  We loved him so much.  He had just turned eight years old in June.  We thank you every day for rescuing him and could never understand how someone could give up this precious animal.  He was truly a gift from God.  He is buried right behind our house with our other dogs.  They are in a beautiful spot where I can check on them daily. 

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unwakened".

I need a home!!

Shadow is looking for a home . He is a very sweet and intelligent 16 month old boy with very high energy. He would make a great police or schutzhund dog where he could run off some of that energy.

If you are looking for a special boy that needs a loving home and have an outlet for some of that energy this may be your boy. Though he loves everyone and would probably be ok with older children he would be a little much for young children. Of couse with the proper training this dog has a super temperament and could do anything.