Saturday, December 10, 2016

Our 2017 Calendar is ready for sale! This is a collage of the winners and shows the month they are on.

The calendars are $20.00 each and are a fundraiser for German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado. If you would like to order one or more you can do that at our paypal address at Be sure and mention that it is for the calendar and be sure and add your address and phone number . UPS requires that we include a phone number in case they get lost finding your house.

Please be sure and click on friends and family so that we won't get charged a fee as this is a fundraiser for our 501c3 German Shepherd Rescue to help dogs in need. Thanks to all of you that sent in photos to the contest. We didn't have quite enough so that means that if you sent in a photo you got in the calendar We do this every year so remember to save some nice pictures for next year. This is our only fundraiser we do so hope you will all buy a calendar or several for gifts.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In memory of Rifky/Connie

I received a sad message this morning about our boy Rifky. He was a one of a kind. I will never forget stopping by the Adams county shelter and telling my husband to wait while I checked the shelter for German Shepherds. Well there was Rifky, sad and alone. I told them I was going to take him and I will never forget walking out of that shelter with him so quietly on a lead. Rifky had a few anxiety issues if you tried to put him in a pen but he would sit happily on my back porch for hours. I placed him with Kevin, a trucker, so he would always have a companion and they had 7 wonderful years together. 

Here is the Facebook message I received from Deborah, Kevin's mother:

"Hi Connie. Sweet, precious Rifky that Kevin adopted from you 7 years ago crossed the bridge this morning. He had cancer that was being treated aggressively, but that awful disease took him. He was such a sweet, gentle soul and he and Kevin had 7 wonderful, fun, loving years together. Kevin is just devastated. He and Rifky had such a fiercely strong bond. Wanted to let you know. Our hearts are broken. It's really hitting me hard and I have been crying all day. He was Kevin's dog, but a member of our entire family and we all loved him so very much. We knew he would pass last, and Kevin slept with him and held him in his arms all night. Rifky died in his dad's arms. That's how much those two loved each other."

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Chaddo on the move!


Donations needed for new website

We are in need of donations to cover the cost of a new website as ours is outdated and barely functional. You can’t share it, it is not mobile friendly and we can no longer update it because our webmistress has quit doing websites due to her health and has retired. We need a website that I can update myself as needed, so we won’t have to depend on anyone else. It will need to have several forms, a Paypal button, and Petfinder insert, so we will need it to be professionally done.  I talked to Godaddy who is hosting our present site and they said the cost to do this would be $1300.00 and then $180.00 a year to host it which is a cost that we already incur every year so that part isn’t any extra. That is cheaper than any of the other website builders I have talked to and it will be easy for me to keep up with, if everything to do with our website is with the same company.  

Chaddo and Connie update

Chaddo was completely down for 4 months from the end of July until sometime in November but now he is up and going pretty good.  I didn’t know if we were going to make it but persistence paid off and as he healed he started getting up and walking on his own. He is still way down in his pasterns but he is up and moving and that is huge. He is playing some with the puppy Excalibur but I have to supervise that activity pretty closely.

I am doing better as well. They did a bronschoscopy on me and found a rare bacterial infection in my lungs that I have had for a long time. It isn’t contagious but it has caused me progressively worse pulmonary problems and last time at the pulmonologist I was only breathing at 60%.  I have been on antibiotics now for 8 weeks and I am much better; hopefully my next trip to the doctor I will have better lung function. I am starting to have a sense of well-being that I haven’t had in a long time. Of course I still have some lung problems as I suppose there is damage already done but I am really happy to be feeling better. So all in all the news is good.