Monday, October 22, 2018

Another good-bye...Jry

Connie writes: "I got a call that one of our rescue dogs from several years ago had either a heart attack or a stroke and passed away. Bon voyage to sweet precious Jry who, along with his sisters and brothers that we also rescued, was next to death when we rescued him.  Their owner had passed away and they had been a week without food and then not cared for in the shelter for quite a time after that. They all were so thin and dehydrated that the vet couldn't even find a vein to give fluids when we got them. The vet had to give them under the skin and send more home with us. Yesterday he was nine years old and had a wonderful home in Denver with Cindy and Rick.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Faithful companions will be missed.........

We do love our rescue GSDs and surely do miss them when they pass on. Here are a few that are being sorely missed:

Sarah went to live with Bruce and Carol McElmurray in the Southern Sangre de Cristos in August, 2008 and had a very happy life until July 31, 2017. She was 14 when she passed on and is missed by Bruce and Carol and her three GSD brothers.


Camp was rescued by Dick and Lynda Pittman back in 2010 and was a wonderful companion. Cheryl Price made a donation honoring his life.


Ginger was rescued by Mike and Carole Perry and recently passed on. Here is what Carole wrote about this beautiful girl: Just a note to let you know that Ginger left us.  She was 13 years, 2 weeks, absolutely the most loyal companion we've ever had.  She bonded so closely with my husband Mike, even though when we came to get her she was a replacement for my little Meika, Husky mix.  Ginger couldn't let Mike out of her sight, she followed him everywhere and was very sad when he had to leave her at home.  I know she thought he needed her protection.  My time with her was in the evening, she would always lay by my chair, close enough for me to pat her head.  We will miss her and remember her last morning as a happy one because when she was with us she was always happy, wagging her tail."

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Order your 2018 calendar now!

The calendars are a fundraiser for the rescue and they are $20.00 each until Jan 1st;  then they will go to $25.00 as our cost for them will go up then. Hopefully everyone will order before then.  

Send your order to the rescues paypal Please send as friends and family or paypal will deduct a percentage. Also make sure that you include your name, address and telephone number as we have to have that info for UPS .

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Calendar time!/from Connie

I am needing high definition German Shepherd Pictures for this year’s calendar. If you have good ones send them to me as I am late doing the calendar this year. I don’t care if they are professional pictures or made by you with your high definition camera as long as they are high definition. The rescue is short on funds so I would appreciate any donations but not a necessity if you don’t have the cash. I should have gotten this notice out before now but old age is slowing me down. LOL

Posting pictures of a few of the dogs from this year. Also if anyone is looking for a 3 yr old girl that may not be good with other dogs we have Stella that is coming back due to not getting along with the other female dog in the home. She was fine with Tod’s female but there is an issue after being with the other dog for a year and a half. She might be ok with a male.

The rescue is going to start offering training for a donation to the rescue if anyone is interested. Of course the only problem is that I am the trainer and I live up here in the mountains near Buena Vista and Fairplay so it would be necessary to come here for training. We will be doing marker type training so it is all incentive no compulsion training.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and if you don’t hear from me before then a very Merry Christmas. 







Saturday, April 15, 2017


The photo below was taken of Chaddo, Connie Williams' faithful friend and companion, on his 7th birthday.

from Connie Williams:

"Wanted to let everyone know that I lost my Chaddo about 5:30 April 14. He got really bad coughing and throwing up Thursday night. Friday morning was very weak. He was in heart failure with cardiac tamponade. In addition to all of his other problems he had a heart Valve issue since he was 5 months old (tricuspid dysplasia). Chaddo was 11 yrs 5 months and 10 days old. We had 5 yrs and 1 week of borrowed time for which I will always be forever greatful."

Written by one of Connie's friends:

"My buddy that I have been dog sitting for the last few years got his angel wings [last] night.Please think of my friend as she tries to move forward from the loss of her very dear pooch. He always had something to say (see photo) and used me as his eye booger wiping pad every time I saw him. I will miss him so very much! As will Far (my current foster Asti's brother) who is in all of these pics with him."

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Update from Connie

Thinking maybe I better check in as it has been awhile. Sorry for the long absence. We are still here and still rescuing German Shepherd Dogs of course. We are not putting many of our dogs on Petfinder as we seem to get them placed before I can get them put on the site. Actually I am a little unhappy with Petfinder, since they sold out, because for one thing they took off the feature that allowed people to click straight to our website adoption application. Instead they put a totally inadequate little form of their own on there. Now we have to give directions how to go to our website to put in an application and often people don’t see it as it is in the description of the dog. 

I had planned to get our website updated and we did get some donations last time I made a request here but we didn’t receive enough so I still have them waiting till we have the funds to do it. 

Hopefully this will remind our wonderful friends and supporters that we are still in need. I haven’t talked to Go Daddy and I hope that the cost hasn’t gone up. I just tried to call but it said I would have a 28 minute wait so I think I will try tomorrow. We have pretty much reached the point that we have to do this to be able to continue rescuing and it will take a real professional to do it. Once it is done we should be able to make changes and update it ourselves.  I have 3 pages of changes and updates to be made. There are 3 submission forms on there , adoption application, owner surrender form and foster application that can be filled out online and submitted to us . There is also a paypal link , and the forms also connect to Petfinder. This just isn’t an easy website web builder thing LOL. Anyone that wants to help can just click on the donation button on this blog. If it gives you a friends and family option use that one and paypal won’t take a percentage.

Chaddo , Excalibur and I are all doing pretty good.  Marsha Boggs started an IPO club in Salida and after many years of not being close enough to participate in a club, I joined hoping that among other things it might help me get my health back. Of course to do this I needed a pretty high powered dog so Mike bought me a Czech import dog ( he paid for him, I ordered him LOL) and I started training again. I think it is working because I am feeling better. I have included a picture of him here. He is only 6 months old now.  His name is Rezso Anrebri. I also included a few photos of some of our favorite rescues from 2016.

I am looking forward to spring and summer. Hope all of you are staying well and happy.