Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Auction starts tomorrow/Wednesday, August 6-August 9

2) You must click the join button at the top to participate. 
3) Bids are placed by clicking on the picture of an item, and placing a whole dollar bid in the comment box.
No bidding until Wed at 8am EST.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Auction and Adoptions/Connie

We are still in need of donated items for our auction. We need to contribute at least 30 items and we now have 5 (Kris Short donated 2 items and I donated 3 J ) You can see we are far behind our expected contributions . I will go online today and buy some things to donate, but not sure that I can do that all by myself. We are doing this auction with Serendipty GSD rescue in Missouri and they have already donated over 40 items so it should be a great auction. I hope everyone will take a look at it when it goes online. We are very much in need of the funds that this auction will bring.

If you want to donate an item contact J.J. at damerosehay1@gmail.com  She is overseeing the donations for us.

It has been a very slow year for adoptions as Petfinder has re vamped their website and people can’t seem to find how to put in applications. I hope this changes before long as we are keeping dogs much longer than usual that need to be in homes. We are now also using adopt a pet to list our dogs and that is getting some results. If you are interested in adopting you can fill out an adoption application on our website at http://GSDRColorado.com

Hope everyone is well and having a great summer. I am enjoying the warm weather as are the dogs. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

      Donated Items needed for silent auction

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we will be having a Silent auction for the rescue In August so we are looking for donations. Donations can be anything; we just ask that they are new....or "gently used" is ok on certain items such as collectibles or antiques. This is an online auction and items will have to be shipped so please keep that in mind when choosing an item. We also ask that all pet related donations have not been recalled for some reason. (Includes treats and toys).

JJ Lounghran will be our go to person for the auction so you can contact her at damerosehay1@gmail.com for all info and where to send the items. We really need to have the items by August 1st  if you are sending to us for shipping. This is something you can discuss with JJ. I know, short notice J but I have people helping with this and this is when they can do it. We need to gather 30 items or more. 

We are doing this in conjunction with Serendipity German Shepherd Rescue in Missouri and all the proceeds will be split between us. I think between both rescues we should have some nice items for auction assuming that we have good participation.

Connie Palmer  Williams - Executive Director
German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March update from Connie Williams

I know, long time no hear from me  J. I have been a bit overwhelmed with running the day to day of the rescue which has far too much bookwork to suit my taste. I always tell our accountant, “I just want to rescue dogs." He of course laughs at me. Summer is coming so we are starting to take in more rescues than we do in the winter. I guess I am just getting old but the last 2 winters have been very hard on my respiratory problems so I am only taking in limited dogs in the winter. I will try to make up for that in the summer I am sure.  I continue to try and find fosters but there don’t seem to be many people out there that want to foster. Fortunately we do have a couple of people that have been a godsend to us this winter. Thank you to Kaila and Kristen!

Right now I am looking for fosters or forever homes for 3 dogs and a forever home only for Jager.

Chai is a 4 yr. old golden sable (sable and white gsd cross). He is a very big but wonderful boy that is OK with large dogs if they don't start trouble but will defend himself if they do.

Then we have Heidi. She is a super sweet girl would probably be best in a single dog home. She warms up to other dogs after a while.

Brandi is a 9 month old female that we know isn't good with little dogs. After being bullied by a pug she finally pinned him to the floor at her previous home; hence her surrender to us. She should be fine with big dogs of opposite sex.

Jager is available for adoption only. Jager is a Czech working line GSD is a good boy but high energy and needs an experienced home.

We are looking for a forever home for our retiring rescue tester kitty Sammie. He is one awesome kitty with no bad habits except for sleeping a lot. He loves everyone and knows how to do a high five for a cookie. He is a great mouser but an indoor kitty. Sammie has decided he doesn't want to test anymore dogs and that it disturbs his sleep to have to have a job so he just wants to be a lap kitty for some awesome home. Sammie is 6 yrs. old, tested negative for feline leukemia and UTD on all his shots. Eventually we will have to have another rescue tester kitty but right now the rescue dogs, Chaddo (Chaddo is incontinent and wears a help me up harness) and my own health are taking up 120% of my time.

We are in need of doing some fundraising so we had a couple of ideas floated to us . I got a letter from AmazonSmile that someone had listed us as their charity of choice and that I needed to jump though a few hoops to get that started sooo….I did that and we are now signed up on AmazonSmile. Now if you make any purchases from Amazon.com do it through AmazonSmile  you can select us to receive a donation from Amazon of 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products. Go to http://smile.amazon.com/ch/26-2033911 and you will be good to go!

Another fundraising idea that JJ came up with is that if you shop at Petco and want to donate your pals rewards to help buy dog food and cookies for the rescue you can just give our phone number (cell 719-207-0323) instead of using your card. We are now getting Petco to deliver our food as they don’t charge a shipping fee and I never seem to get out of here anymore.

Hope this finds all of you well, staying warm and toasty with your happy healthy GSDs by your side.

PS: If anyone hasn’t found it yet we have a Facebook page that is much more active than the old one. It is at

Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Friday, December 20, 2013

update from Connie

Just a quick note to catch up and to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. We have been busy busy here as it has been raining dogs in need mainly from California Shelters. Maybe I have just imagined it but it seems to me that Colorado has had the least number of dogs in need of rescue this year than I can remember. I probably shouldn’t say that as it seems to have been picking up here the last few days.

Chaddo is not doing very well and so we will probably have to go back to CSU soon. I have been trying to give the acupuncture some time to see if it would help him but it seems we just go from one problem to another. I dread him being put back on prednisolone as he doesn’t handle it well at all. Sometimes at night I lay in bed wondering how I am going to do this and if he dies how I will manage without him.

As for me my hands are doing well and pretty functional so I am happy about that. Now if I could cure this old age problem I would be set <LOL>.

We have 3 dogs in rescue right now. One is a 2 yr old sable female named Sapphire. She is a Czech bred dog that came with her pedigree but her AKC papers are lost. She has Pannus so needs to have eye medications daily. Hopefully there is someone out there that is looking for a beautiful 2 yr old sable girl that doesn’t mind putting drops in her eyes every day. 

Then there is Roca a 1 and a half year old large sable male that has a skin allergy. He is making visits to CSU to get his allergy problem resolved. He has a family coming to see him right after Christmas and hopefully this will be the right home for Roca. 

Last but not least is a beautiful black and red boy that came in last week from Utah. His name is Simba and he is a sweet and friendly boy. He is a middle sized boy with lots of energy and a big voice when he barks. He loves attention and will lean against you for all the hugs and pats you have time for.

The building is beautiful, with the pens finished and in use. Has been nice having the dogs able to go in and out at will and not having to bring them in and crate them at night to keep them warm. The Pickwick doors and insulated guillotine doors were expensive but well worth the money. I thought maybe I might have to shut them in the indoor pens on cold nights but so far so good. Of course we haven’t had several days of below zero yet so we will see how cold it gets in there. We are using a wall heater with electric heat and it seems to be staying around 50 – 55 degrees. The dogs seem to love it and have fun going back and forth when I walk outside to the front of the pens then come back in. I do think that I will have to put up some solid dividers this year as I suspect the state may require us to do that.

We had about 16 inches of snow all at one time a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t the light fluffy stuff we usually get. We had to rake off the roof to the building as we were worried about the weight of the snow. Can’t believe how heavy that stuff was. All is well now, because we have snow trails shoveled so I can walk back and forth and the driveway plowed. Hope we don’t get that much all at once again though.

Wishing everyone a very warm and Happy Holiday Season filled with all your favorite things and a wonderful New Year. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Chaddo today!!
Not much for summer around here this year. Started out hot then decided to rain every day for the whole summer.  I know some say we need the moisture but I am a high desert girl so not really happy with all the rain J. Oh well we will try again next year. I guess that is the price you pay for living where it is never hot.

We pretty much have the building finished thanks to volunteers and especially to John Fisher and Sandy Erickson who made a huge donation to help us get it finished and ready for the dogs this winter. Both the dog operated and the insulated guillotine doors are in, the pens are purchased and are up, the tops are on them, the floors are done, and there is fiberglass reinforced plastic on the walls around the pens. The trim is up around the doors, the bathroom is complete, there is plastic around the tub so the walls don’t get wet, the window sills are in and the concrete pavers are down in the outside part of the pens. Can’t think of everything right now but the only things left are the interior doors,  a cabinet and the gas heater. I just have to go get them and get someone to install them and it will be complete.

We had a lot of volunteer help this year. Our good friends Norman and Pat Freeman from Las Vegas NV came with their motor home, stayed a couple of days and did the epoxy on the floors, what a nice job Norm did. The floors are beautiful.

Patty Brooks from Buena Vista, Gary Kraft and his friend from Aspen, Diana Biggs from Canon City , Ginny Townsend from Garland Tx, Donna Nelson from Fairplay, Sandy Horrocks from Hartsell all came out for our work day. We went up to Sandy's and got all the pavers that she was donating to the rescue loaded, then unloaded them here. There were about 70 of them so that was a big job. We got the pens cleaned and leveled, then put in the concrete pavers and scrubbed and painted the dog houses.
Phil and Johanna Behrendt came out for a day and helped me get the pens in and the tops on them and Phil who is an electrical engineer put spacers in all the electric boxes so we could put the covers on them. (I thought maybe he was  bit overqualified) J.  They also helped to finish the concrete pavers in the last pen.  Also would like to thank Johanna for coming up to Fort Collins while Chaddo was in surgery and keeping me company and my attention away from worrying over the surgery.

I have to say that in spite of the rain it has been a productive year and in between all the work and all the rain we have still managed to rescue, rehab and find homes for around 30 dogs so far. Many of them have been from high kill California Shelters. We have 4 more dogs coming in this week. The one thing that I would wish for is more people willing to foster so we could help more dogs.

Hopefully things will slow down a little now that the weather is changing and I actually may get to write something else for the blog before Christmas. 

Today it has been one month since Chaddo had his back surgery. It has been a long road trying to care for him while he was on the prednisolone before and after surgery. He couldn’t control his bladder and was very uncomfortable so of course he was whining for me to do this or that and I was unable to sleep without being up 2 or 3 times in the night (One night I was up 9 times) walking him outside  with  a flashlight. I had tarps all over my carpets in case of accidents and pads under his crate foam covers and beds around the house. He has now been off of the prednisolone for 2 weeks and so finally I am able to sit down and write a thank you letter to all those who donated toward Chaddo’s back surgery and sent so many get well wishes. I don’t really know where to begin except that you can’t imagine how much it means to me to know that we really do have such wonderful friends out there who really care. Rescue is often difficult and emotionally trying, you see so many heartbreaking things but you also meet so many people like yourselves that do all they can to help rescues and in this case rescuers.

Chaddo’s back is better as before he was falling down and could not stand all the way up. He was falling and crawling trying to get out. He is now standing up good, will right his foot if you knuckle it over and moves freely around the yard.  Of course he still has his neck injury so as he was coming off the prednisolone he was starting to stumble and stagger a bit the last couple of weeks. We are taking him to acupuncture, and today the vet came here to treat him as I felt that the trip to Guffey and back was hurting any progress that he may be making with the acupuncture. When she came today she told me she thought that he was getting better so I hope that she is right. I know that in some ways he is much better but the stumbling scares me. I just pray that he will continue to get better. The Neurosurgeon told me that it would be 8 weeks before we saw any real change and it has only been 4 weeks today. This picture is one that we made right after we got home from Chaddo’s surgery.

Sending our love and appreciation to you all,
Connie and Chaddo