Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In Memory

A donation to German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado was made in memory of Orion, best friend and much loved companion of Norm and Pat Freeman. Thank you Norm and Pat. We will use this to help other dogs in need to honor Orion’s memory.


German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado received a substantial donation to both our general fund and one to Chaddo’s fund. This was from a good friend of this rescue who would like to remain anonymous but wants this to be in memory of Dexter whose loss still leaves a broken heart.


I would like to say to all of you that I know the pain of this loss, as I have lived it more than once and know that some shoes can never be filled.

Chaddo update and a heartfelt thank you

Just wanted to thank everyone that donated to help Chaddo. It has been a difficult last 3 months but Chaddo is actually getting better. After our second trip to CSU he was not getting up at all and that was the end of August but now he is finally getting better. He is not walking on his own much yet but he does get up and walk a little ways. A couple of days ago with me just supporting him so he didn’t fall, he walked all the way outside to pee and all the way back to his pallet. He didn’t even put any weight on me. Of course now that makes him a little harder to handle and I have to watch him like a hawk because he doesn’t stay where I put him. I am afraid that if I go outside where I can’t watch him, he may get up and fall. It is a little bit of an iffy time as he isn’t quite strong enough yet to be sure that he won’t fall. He of course sees no reason he shouldn’t just go for it. Sort of like, in my memory, keeping up with my 2 yr. old son. Here is a picture of Chaddo sitting on the back porch after he walked all the way there. I am still a little guarded in my hopes but maybe in time he won’t need my help. I know all too well the pain of losing a heart dog (the closest and most constant companion that is the love of someones life) and I cannot give up on him. He will be 10 yrs. old in a few days and we are shooting for 12 at least.

A heartfelt thank you to all those who sent donations and good wishes for Chaddo. You will never know how much you are appreciated. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Connie's update on Chaddo

Sorry I am so long in getting back but that trip to CSU nearly killed me and Chaddo both. I was just unable to do anything but take care of him and he was so bad that he just quit walking at all even with help. Last couple of days he has been doing better and this morning he walked to the window and barked. Probably don’t have to tell you it has been hard but we are on the mend now and I am praying that Chaddo can at least get back to where he was.

We made our second trip to the neurology department at CSU and after at the first visit putting surgery on the table they have completely changed their minds. Now they feel that even putting Chaddo under anesthesia for an MRI could make him neurologically worse and certainly surgery could. They didn’t completely take surgery off the table but they are not feeling comfortable with it at this time. What they want me to do is continue acupuncture, start physical therapy and get him a cart so he can be moving around. The physical therapy people say he needs a quad cart (4 wheeled cart). I talked to the people at Eddie’s Wheels and they thought he could go with a counterbalanced cart but now after seeing his videos they concur with CSU that he will need a quad cart. That means that I will have to completely lift him to put him in it. I have thought on this and how I will lift a 92 lb dog and have decided to get the welder down the road to build him a lift. Meanwhile as we wait for the cart and lift Chaddo is still playing ball with me, eating like a horse (although I have put him on a diet) and in general being a happy boy.

I just got Chaddo's dismissal instructions from CSU when we were there on the 24th and this is the Neuro Surgeon's assessment of Chaddo and why they thought that physical therapy, acupuncture and a cart would be a better choice than surgery.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fundraiser for Chaddo MRI and hopefully surgery. Please visit the link below and you will understand. A donation in any amount will be appreciated to the fullest.

Connie Palmer  Williams - Executive Director
German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado

501c3 non profit corp.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

This whole year we have been taking dogs from a breeder surrender. She had 71 German Shepherd dogs, a good number of which were puppies. We are now down to the last 14. We have paid to spay/ neuter all of the remaining dogs and are taking 2 more this weekend into our rescue. We have rescue for 2 more and that will leave her 10 dogs. Hopefully she will surrender more of them as we can take them. Due to my recent surgery we are only taking dogs as we have fosters for them so that has slowed us down a little and the remaining dogs are mostly not leash trained so they will need special places.Here is a picture of some of the dogs before they left the breeder (click on the photo to enlarge). This has just about depleted our account and we have actually had to put the last few spay neuters on a credit card so any donations would be appreciated. If you want to donate you can click on the DONATE button in the upper left column.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We are starting our 2016 calendar contest that will run until December 1, 2015. We do this every year as a fundraiser for German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado . This is the only real fundraiser we do every year and this year we are seriously in need of funds so break out those great pictures and enter them.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Many thanks

Two donations have been received recently.   Terri Stringer made a donation in memory of Chaddo’s brother Ryder. Also  a donation was made in memory of Kat McDonald by Lark McDonald and Mission-Centered Solutions. Kofi was adopted by Lark McDonald from our rescue. Thank you so much for considering to our organization.

Happy 4th from Connie

Just a quick update on the happenings here at the rescue. Here is a picture of my new puppy “Far” Winsome’s Excalibear v Axelhaus . I will be showing again for a little while this year, at least I will have “Far” shown as I am not up to doing any running or dog handling. I think our good friend and sometimes rescue helper Patty Brooks is going to show him for me some. Right now he is being trained by Chaddo <LOL>

We have taken a total of 56 dogs from the breeder surrender with some help from Front Range rescue.  The breeder still has 14 dogs she is keeping of which we have paid for spay neuter for 4 already and will be doing the rest this month so that will be either 9 or 10 . My count may be off by one as I was thinking there were 9 more to do. It is possible she may release some more of the dogs but we will have to wait and see.

On June 12th I had surgery on my neck so I am still a bit under the weather and have to be very careful what I do. Due to that and fosters being on vacation we are at a slow pace on rescue until after July 14th when Tod will be back and can foster and hopefully I will be some better. I hope it dries out by then as we are just about to drown up here. Thundering and the wind getting up as I type this.

Looks like Sammie the cat has a new home with Dana, our favorite transporter, so that makes me very happy that he is getting such a wonderful home.

Hope everyone is having a great fourth of July and that you aren’t getting too wet.